Technical capability on demand

TAP helps investment firms improve performance by providing experienced technical practitioners to plug straight into your team.

We are passionate about the benefits of working direct with you because we believe our model efficiently delivers what you need, when you need it and, moreover, facilitates the transfer of technical know-how into your organisation.

What we do:

We serve the whole spectrum of financial firms, including alternatives funds, funds of funds, investment managers, wealth managers, banks, brokers and family offices. We partner with you and your professional advisers to solve business challenges, including implementing and launching new funds, products or services, optimising current businesses, or remediating underperforming functions.

How we work:

We provide highly experienced and technical practitioners who enhance your organisation’s technical bandwidth, working individually or as a mobile project management team. We also provide Subject Matter Experts to advise your Board or project team.

How we are different:

We offer a highly responsive, efficiently managed and resourced alternative to traditional consultants' models. As well as advising, we can execute the work, providing dedicated resources or building a team, under your control at all times.